Church History

A History of Love and Activism

Our first pastor, Rev B.W. Higbee was known as spiritual, evangelistic and militant for Christ’s love. So it should come as no surprise that we were founded as an anti-slavery church in 1834. Our present building was built in 1868 featuring two prominent stained glass windows depicting African Americans as Biblical characters and dedicated to the anti-slavery movement.

In our 180 year history we have never shied away from doing what is right for Christ’s love. We’ve marched for civil rights, stood up for peace, fought for equality of women, been at the forefront of LGBT rights in the county and helped those in need. We take very seriously Jesus’ supreme commandment to love God and to love our neighbors.


Holy Ground

Our church building is on the National Historic Register not only because it is old (built in 1868), but also because it is an architectural treasure. Stop by and visit our stunning sanctuary. From the high arched ceiling to the splendid stained glass windows it is aesthetically pleasing. The Spirit’s presence is palpable, exuding a deep sense of peace and Sacredness. It is truly Holy ground. First Congregational has been filled withe the Spirit from the start and has been overflowing ever since.

On the Historic Walking Tour of Mount Vernon

When the local school district put together a walking tour of Mount Vernon, our church was one of the historical places they chose to include.

History of the United Church of Christ

A video about the history of the United Church of Christ: “Yesterdays Visionaries, Today’s Voices.”