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We meet every-other Sunday from 1pm-3pm at one of four churches. We have fun, fellowship, education and a sacred place for all youth in the local community. If you would like to join us call and find out which of the four churches the next meeting will be at 393-1736.

In February of 2015 First Congregational, St Paul’s Episcopal, Gay Street United Methodist and Harcourt Episcopal Parish met to begin our exciting journey to form a multi-church youth group for adolescents ages 11-18 years old. We meet twice a month for youth group rotating church settings, we also have a social service day once a month, as well as schedule fun outings as a group. Every youth is welcome and invited. Join us!


Nonviolent Social Change Workshop and Class; and Peace and Non-Violence Service 2.22.15



NOTE: The Feb 22nd Non-violence Social Change Workshop has been cancelled (due to the weather). It will be rescheduled and a new date posted. Sorry for any inconvenience.


peace-dove-wallpaper-1-0-s-307x512–PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE THEMED WORSHIP SERVICE @9:30AM                      led by Rev. Scott Elliott

000000000-ADULT FORUM HOUR LONG CLASS ON PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE @11AM  led by Sr. Paulette Schroeder and Josie Setzler from Project Peace

dove-LUNCH & AFTERNOON WORKSHOP@ noon to 4pm

Tools for Nonviolent Social Change

“Nonviolence,” said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “is a powerful and just weapon, which cuts with- out wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.” Nonviolence provides a vehicle for social change that empowers people seeking peace, social justice and a stronger community. A workshop on Feb. 22, from 1- 4 p.m., at First Congregational, will explain why nonviolent action for social change has been effective and provide tools for using it.

The workshop will be led by Sr. Paulette Schroeder and Josie Setzler, both members of Project Peace, a Tiffin, Ohio-based group that strives to improve communities through local education and activism using nonviolence principles. Schroeder said she hopes the workshop will be transformation- al for participants. “We want them to experience what the teaching of nonviolence is,” she said. “This is an effort to be in solidarity with people who are being treated unjustly.” Both were involved in re- cent demonstrations in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the group Witness Against Torture, which op- posed police violence against people of color and alleged human rights violations against detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Participants in the course will: (1) Explore the ramifications of violence, which encompasses not just physical violence but also social injustice; (2) Assess the effectiveness of different kinds of nonviolence, such as civil disobedience. A clip from the film “A Force More Powerful,” showing the success of nonviolent resistance in overcoming oppression, will be shown; (3) Identify means for achieving successful nonviolent campaigns involving issues of concern to participants; (4) Consider their own objectives in creating community, seeking social justice, and over- coming oppression.

According to a brochure on the workshop, those that might find it helpful include advocates for peace, social justice, the environment, and stronger communities, and “people who want to do more than talk, who want to engage in meaningful actions which are aimed at systemic change.”

Setzler is a certified facilitator in the Creating a Culture of Peace nonviolence training program and is trained in conflict transformation and mediation skills by Lombard Mennonite Peace Center. Schroeder, a Sister of St. Francis/Tiffin, has taught in elementary and high schools for more than 20 years and was a member of the Christian Peace- maker Team in Hebron, Palestine for three years.

The workshop will be held in the fellowship hall. A donation of $15 is requested from adults; scholarships are available. There is no charge for students. A lunch will be provided free of charge at noon. Pre-registration is required. Call 740-393- 1736 by Feb. 18.


Peace is Possible. No, Seriously!

A Message From Our New Pastor

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As most of you have no doubt heard I have arrived in Mount Vernon! YAY! It’s been eye opening so far. In less than a week I went from 90-degree beach weather in Florida to scraping ice from my windshield and weather reports of looming snow flurries in Ohio. As a southern Dorothy might have said to her dog, I said to mine, “Seeley, we are not in Florida anymore!”

And hear me loud and clear on this, I am enchanted by my new “Oz” in Ohio (i.e., Mount Vernon). I love the charm of this town, the red brick roads, the buildings, the friendly people, and the parks. I know this may sound odd but I particularly like the fall weather’s affects on nature. I have been hearing geese honking overhead almost hourly, and I am soothed by the sights and sounds of flame colored rustling leaves on branches alone in the wind and scooting along the ground. I am sure that the charms of Mount Vernon are well to you all. I am simply enthralled with the place.

I am equally enthralled with the church. In addition to the wonderful building and gorgeous sanctuary, I arrived to a magnificent office that Charlotte Watson and Scott Mickley and others helped prepare. And it was chalk full of generous gifts to welcome me when I arrived. WOW! I am so very grateful for the blessing of such a welcome. Thank you all!

In addition to welcoming me when I got here, a number of folks have been working with me by phone and e-mail to also prepare for our ministry together. Steve and Jeanne graciously aided us with housing. Sharon has been working hard on all manner of office things. Church and Ministry, Council and the Pastoral Search have also been in contact to help prepare for my arrival. And Cliff has been nothing short of amazing in keeping in contact, being available when needed, and providing friendship and kindnesses over the past three months. I am sure there are others who have helped that I have not listed, or did not yet hear about. To all of those who worked to help me get here, please know how grateful I am.

I look forward to our work and play and love in Christ together. Thank you all for the honor and blessing of this ministry.

In Christ, Rev Scott Elliott

Fresh Hearts in Response to an Abundance of Blessings

From Loathsome To Lovesome