A Message From Our New Pastor

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As most of you have no doubt heard I have arrived in Mount Vernon! YAY! It’s been eye opening so far. In less than a week I went from 90-degree beach weather in Florida to scraping ice from my windshield and weather reports of looming snow flurries in Ohio. As a southern Dorothy might have said to her dog, I said to mine, “Seeley, we are not in Florida anymore!”

And hear me loud and clear on this, I am enchanted by my new “Oz” in Ohio (i.e., Mount Vernon). I love the charm of this town, the red brick roads, the buildings, the friendly people, and the parks. I know this may sound odd but I particularly like the fall weather’s affects on nature. I have been hearing geese honking overhead almost hourly, and I am soothed by the sights and sounds of flame colored rustling leaves on branches alone in the wind and scooting along the ground. I am sure that the charms of Mount Vernon are well to you all. I am simply enthralled with the place.

I am equally enthralled with the church. In addition to the wonderful building and gorgeous sanctuary, I arrived to a magnificent office that Charlotte Watson and Scott Mickley and others helped prepare. And it was chalk full of generous gifts to welcome me when I arrived. WOW! I am so very grateful for the blessing of such a welcome. Thank you all!

In addition to welcoming me when I got here, a number of folks have been working with me by phone and e-mail to also prepare for our ministry together. Steve and Jeanne graciously aided us with housing. Sharon has been working hard on all manner of office things. Church and Ministry, Council and the Pastoral Search have also been in contact to help prepare for my arrival. And Cliff has been nothing short of amazing in keeping in contact, being available when needed, and providing friendship and kindnesses over the past three months. I am sure there are others who have helped that I have not listed, or did not yet hear about. To all of those who worked to help me get here, please know how grateful I am.

I look forward to our work and play and love in Christ together. Thank you all for the honor and blessing of this ministry.

In Christ, Rev Scott Elliott