Adult Forum

Adult Forum is a Sunday School of sorts for adults. Throughout the year each Sunday from 11-Noon we offer a wide variety of formats and topics, from movies to lectures to video series to books to free flowing conversations on theological topics this class is fun, informative and very well attended.

Children’s Sunday School

Our goal is to promote spiritual growth in an atmosphere that is both fun and enriching.

Taught by a rotating team of four teachers, the curriculum will vary depending in part on the skills and interests of the teachers. But throughout the emphasis will be on an exchange of ideas between teachers and students, stimulating faith development, imagination and an attitude of caring and cooperation among the students.

Youth Sunday School

This class does not rely on any formal curriculum but follows a format of free-form exploration, study, and discussion with the aim of helping inquisitive -and sometimes perplexed- teens to discover their own paths toward social, emotional, and spiritual adulthood.

Talking About God (T.A.G)

This is a pastor led summer long session of informal discussions about questions we have about God and Religion. In the Chapel, Sundays at 11am June –August

Peace Village

Until COVID we have been bringing peace to children each summer through a Peace Village day camp. Regretfully our 2020 and 2021 Peace Villages were cancelled due to the pandemic.  We expect to have a Peace Village in 2022.  Check back please.   Peace Villages are found in a number of states, each brought through collaboration with Peace Village, Inc.. The purpose of the camp to teach and expose children to peaceful practices through, morning classes, music, art, interfaith peace stories of peace, and of course fun and adventure in the great outdoors. There is no one religion focused above another, for example this year we have already arranged to have Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish and Christian peace storytellers work with the children.