Senior High Sunday School

The Senior High class does not rely on any formal curriculum but follows a format of free-form exploration, study and discussion with the aim of helping inquisitive–and sometimes perplexed–teens to discover their own paths toward social, emotional and spiritual adulthood. The emphasis is on mutual trust, respect and acceptance as we develop our understandings of ourselves and others. A variety of resources are used, among them the Bible, educational DVDs, newspaper and magazine articles and our own brains.

Multi-Church Youth Group

WE are founding members of a unique multi-church youth group. We meet every-other Sunday from 1pm-3pm at one of four churches. We have fun, fellowship, education and a sacred place for all youth in the local community. If you would like to join us call and find out which of the four churches the next meeting will be at 393-1736.

In February of 2015 First Congregational, St Paul’s Episcopal, Gay Street United Methodist and Harcourt Episcopal Parish met to begin our exciting journey to form a multi-church youth group for adolescents ages 11-18 years old. We meet twice a month for youth group rotating church settings, we also have a social service day once a month, as well as schedule fun outings as a group. Every youth is welcome and invited. Join us!